Up to now, over 1500 fires had been recorded among Lytton, Kamloop, Kelowna, Merritt and Osoyoo etc., more than 4000 properties were placed under evacuation orders. Many evacuees are now still accommodating in motels, tents, or places offered by volunteers temporarily.

Fraser Lands Church and Richmond Capstan Alliance Church raised the relief campaign of “Help for Lytton Fire” since July. We had been four times of delivering suppliers to Food Bank Merritt and Lytton relied centers.

After communicated with evacuees in Lytton and Food Bank Manager in Merritt, we know that the ongoing supplies support are still in need. Now we sincerely invite you to support us for this wildfire relief.

Three ways you can make cash donation to support Wildfire relief :
1. By Cheque : To “Richmond Capstan Alliance Church“, and write down “For Wildfire relief”, mail to 3360 Sexsmith Road, Richmond, BC V6X2H8
2. By Online Banking E-transfer: send to e-transfer@cacweb.ca and write down “For Wildfire relief” in message box
3. By Paypal or Credit Card : go to our Paypal page, and write down “For Wildfire relief” in the blank of Specical Instruction.

We guarantee all the donation amounts are for the relief use. The tax receipt and thank you letter will be sent to you after your donation.